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Post  Klien on Thu May 06, 2010 3:33 am

All "stats" listed you'd find on dark blue, light blue gear.

Al drop attack ~ only useful in pvp. Can disable auto attack (bottom left skill box).  Also can disable auto item reload gear.

*Useful to chase a running priest, any other character can simply stop and click reload button.

Concentration ~ Slows cp loss when running. Same effect as higher charisma, just added affect.

Cp reduction ~ stops cp from going below set amount running (does not work on skill use). As an example, if you have an item with 2 cp reduct, then you can run forever and your cp will never fall below 2. Using skills however will drop cp below 2 even with this gear.

*Stacked gear to 15 would be useful for a treasure thief seeing he could run forever and always see chests cuz super detect would always be active. Other classes its rather useless.

Enemy Escape ~ makes mobs lag a second so you can run away.

Free from Preemptive attack ~ If mob is your level or below mobs wont notice you for a second or two, giving you first strike possibility.

expect updates as i remember the lesser known prefixes.

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