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Map Maker 2

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Post  Klien on Mon May 17, 2010 8:55 pm

Map Maker 2

Map Maker 2 Map_ma10

This Quest begins in Linken

Make your way to Flare motel north of spawn and head to 2nd floor. Locate
Arthers at 27, 8 and receive quest.
Map Maker 2 Mpmk_210

Part 1

He will send you to the Gardius Desert / Northern Linken to get drop from Star hill bandits.

This map is 1 directly north of the town of Linken. Find the mobs on the hill above guards grave, big grave, magic mercs portals.

Map Maker 2 Star_h11
Any mob with "star hill" in its name can have your drop

Once you get the drop return to Arthers in Linken.

Once you return his Diary (star hill drop) he will charge you 100k to continue.
Map Maker 2 Pay_fo10
Paying 100k he sends you to Guards grave for 4 map pieces.

*Note: If you tell him no and don't pay by picking option 2 the quest is canceled
and your forced to start over

Part 2

Go to Guards grave. Top left portal in group of 5

Inside Guards grave seek out the brown skulls
Map Maker 2 Map_pe10
they have your drops.

After you get the 4th piece
Map Maker 2 4th_ma10
Return to Arthers in Linken

Speak with Arthers
Map Maker 2 Mapmak10

Questions? Post below.

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