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Pets And What Ther good for. Locations and lvls

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Pets And What Ther good for. Locations and lvls Empty Pets And What Ther good for. Locations and lvls

Post  Unforgivable on Sun May 16, 2010 2:08 pm

Fams-good Damage and good speed more uses i dont know of

Elfs-verry good d.p and verry good h.p need constent use of special ability to critical,slow

Chickens-good h.p bad d.p good Damage and decent critical hits,note-not as good h.p or critical hits as elfs

Satryos-They heal,i dont know about ther damage or defence points

bears-They do a mighty roar that does knoledge damage good,h.p

Locations For pets

Fams-Kobold kave b2 north west, lvl,16~18 (note- not ex), Highway of robbers b2 all around map going to have to hunt them down,32~42 (note-not ex),tagta fams 72~97, throughout all of caves found in tagta mine all levels(note-They are ex), Tw Falls,all cave contains familiars,98~135 (note-they are not ex they where in the pass but not any more), nameless broken tower b4 lvl 325~350 (note-they are ex),sweep tower idk exact location 335~350 (note-they are ex), oss found all over tower 425~430 (note-they are ex)

Chickens-one map left of strass (64~74) (they are zin)

Elfs-multiple locations u see around redstone but The best ones are in tela tunell b2 need thief and high light resistance (lvl 3~6)

Strayos-mold dezer i dont know exact location (lvl 325~lvl350)

Bears-one map left of strass just above chickens(lvl 60~68) need some one to heal u and they stun

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