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Priest Guide (Support)

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Priest Guide (Support) Empty Priest Guide (Support)

Post  Klien on Sun May 09, 2010 6:35 pm

Priest Guide (Support) V8ivir
This guide will focus on supporting a pt, its not a solo build.


Power ~ eventually Priest will need 300 power for higher level t's. 100 is fine for gears till 200, after that add more focus in power till its 300.

Wisdom ~ Priest will need 60 for t's, however i suggest getting 101 for 5% xp boost, since u have to waste 60 for t's, might as well go up to the xp boost.

Health ~ I'd focus on this stat in the long run, can nvr have enough. This should be your highest stat at all times. Remember, priest should be the last one to die.

Charisma ~ honestly, add very little to this, maybe 10 points tops to help get through the noob levels. With priest getting +1 every level and gears, stamp rings. A whole lot of charisma isn't needed. At high level (with the +1 from each level ) and stamp lx's, stamp Um rings.. your gonna regret adding more then 10 into charisma.

Knowledge ~ get this to 1, 200 by the time your 350. then 500 know time your 500. 1, 2k time your 640 for hybrid purposes. Knowledge adds to bless, guardians hand and blinding dmg. And time your 400+ your gonna go hybrid and get more angel skills. All angel skills focus on know for dmg.


Revival ~ get this skill to level 1 at the beginning. After 200 work on getting 100% rev as you grow.

Arch of Divinity ~ Get this level 10 (including +'s) time you reach am (level 80). Max it by 180.

Blessing ~Use this skill to get master title. Seeing its only a level 2 skill it should b maxed by 115.

Redemption ~ Get it level 1 time you get to am (lev 80). After that its almost purely a pvp skill. Still very important, but due to other more important skills, this prob wont be maxed till 400+.

Elemental Guardian ~ very useful for Angels, Mages, any magic dmg'rs in pt. I suggest getting it cuz pluses make it decent, but don't go crazy with it. Other skills are more important.

Party Heal ~ Very useful seeing it heals all members and tamer/necro pets. Good range at high level also, but being a level 5 skill this one wont be needed to be maxed till 290ish. Still get it and level it some as you grow.

Ward ~ Useful, but i don't suggest maxing this till 400+. other skills are more important, getting this 12 - 15 or so is plenty for awhile. Just b4 it gets expensive.

Mass ~ Your main charge skill, try to max it by 300, 310

Pretty much every priest skill is high level, expect to be needing sp for that next skill even when your 500+ Smile

On Angel Side (these skills are needed b4 going hybrid)

Evacuation ~ A useful skill for moving from town to town. get it to 6 by 150, 12 by 300

Heavenly Calling ~ Pt's will be reluctant to pt you if you forget this skill. And expect it to miss a ton until its decent level. Get it 6 by am (level 80) 12 by salty (lev 190 ).

Portal ~ This is nice to send a player to a town without having to visit it yourself. Probably get sometime after 200.

Dispel ~ Very useful in pvp, can disable almost any class. however its a double edged sword cause going angel to use it takes pt's redemption and arch away

Hybrid (when priest skills are maxed focus on these angel skills)

Holy Cross ~ Main AoE skill, dmg's and heals nearby pt members

Blood wings ~ Main 1 vs 1 dmg skill

Bending of time ~ Angels main cp charge skill, plus it hastes entire pt.

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