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Key Production ~ Master Thief title

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Key Production ~ Master Thief title Empty Key Production ~ Master Thief title

Post  Klien on Mon May 03, 2010 1:23 am

You will need
Any thief skill maxed at level 50
4 master keys or Unlock door level 32 or better
Super detection decent level
Trap disarmament decent level

Start by locating Oat Dungeon 1 Map east of Brun on the north west side

Key Production ~ Master Thief title Xaw6m9
65, 6 is the cords for Oat's entrance

Enter Oat and head south east to the first locked door
You'll find it at 138, 59
head to the next door at 141, 71
Head to the next door at 143, 84

Now, this next door (and ones after it) are trapped and require a master key to open or door unlock skill at 32 or higher, I'm unsure what level trap disarm and super detect are needed however.

Anyway, activate Super detect then disarm and unlock the doors as u make your way through the next four doors

You will find Prail (the npc) behind the 4th trapped/locked door at 121, 95
Key Production ~ Master Thief title 9hl1sp
Make sure u click on the npc first for the title.

Then click the door just below the npc
Chose "pull the string" to return to Oat's entrance

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